Member Benefits

Benefits of membershipWhen you join the ATC, it’s like having a highly-skilled member of staff whose job is to sift through all the regulations updates, and then notify you of those relevant to your business. This leaves you free to work on growing your business rather than dealing with all the non-productive, red-tape compliance that fills up your working day.

We keep you up to date with all the updates from the EU – but only after we have established what is relevant to our industry and your business. It’s a fact that regulations are changing all the time, but they don’t always have an impact on your business. However, before you can determine whether your business will be affected by the changes you must read through – and most importantly understand – which parts of the regulations apply to you.

This can be a very time-consuming task, and let’s face it; most of us hate reading this kind of stuff. But somebody has to do it, because the survival of your business depends on it. Outsource this thankless task to experts who have a lifetimes experience in these matters so that you get back to growing your business.

The Aromatherapy Trade Council is recognised equally by government, national legislative bodies and by trade associations of related industries as the lead association and Code Administrators representing the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of essential oils and aromatherapy products. This recognition alone is a huge benefit to our members in terms of credibility. But that is not all.

The ATC promotes the effective self-regulation of the specialist industry to protect the interests of the consumer and trade alike and offers a great way of meeting like-minded people who care about the industry. Despite our members competing in the same marketplace, they have always worked together for the benefit of the industry and consumers.

By becoming a licensed member of the ATC, its members are recognised as professional, responsible, ethical traders by:

  • Voluntary conformance to ATC Code of Professional Practice;
  • Submitting product labelling and advertising copy for approval by ATC’s Code Administrator;
  • Recognition of the MHRA, Trading Standards and other competent authorities as reputable traders;
  • Recognition by professional aromatherapy practitioners and tutors who only recommend ATC members’ products;
  • Voluntary regulation by the members’ random product testing programme;
  • Adopting the ATC’s policies on the conservation of medicinal plants;
  • Supporting the ATC’s efforts to protect the interests of the industry.

In terms of advertising alone, the annual membership subscription represents money well spent! Each ATC member is issued with their unique licence number in the agreed ATC format, which they may use on their labels and promotional material so long as they remain in ATC membership. This helps consumers recognise the companies who have made a genuine commitment towards improving the safety and quality of aromatherapy products.

Members of the Aromatherapy Trade also benefit from increased exposure to business opportunities by:

  • Inclusion on ATC Membership List,  copies of which are distributed free of charge in response to enquiries by the general public, professions and trade, health authorities, careers centres, libraries, individuals and organisations who contact the ATC either directly or via its web site on a daily basis;
  • Promotion through direct and indirect advertising;
  • ATC articles and features for the trade, profession and general press;
  • Exhibitions, conferences, and trade fairs of the AC and professional practitioner associations.
  • Regular newsletters and legislative updates keeping members informed of all the specific issues affecting their business;
  • Networking with ATC members to share information and expertise;
  • Access via ATC Secretariat to specialist technical advice acquired with its close association with related associations and organisations such as  CTPA, HFMA, PAGB, BHMA, FIH and PGICH.

Members have access to authoritative information and support from the ATC’s Secretariat, the Board Members, and the Technical Sub-Committee and benefit from the shared pool of experience of established experts and ATC members who have been involved with the regulation and legislation of the specialist trade for many years.

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