What We Do

What the Aromatherapy Trade Council doesOur aim is to ensure our members are marketing of safe, good quality products in a responsible manner, as well as supplying accurate information for consumers. As an independent and self-regulating organization, we have established guidelines for safety, labelling and packaging to which all members must conform before being accepted into membership. We campaign for a consistent body of information and terminology, along with co-ordinated policies within the trade.

The ATC also acts as a focal point for public and media enquiries on the sector, providing unbiased information to educate the public and to bring to their attention the variable quality of essential oils available on the High Street. In its role as Advertising Code Administrator, the ATC is uniquely placed to offer advice on permitted wording for advertisements and safe labelling of products to current members and potential members. The penalties for companies getting this wrong can be costly both financially, and in the loss of potential customers.

Regulatory controls

European and UK legislation relative to aromatherapy is constantly changing and much of the ATC’s time is devoted to keeping abreast of these changes. To support our members, we monitor the ongoing changes in European legislation that affects all manufacturers of aromatherapy products, plus we keep our membership informed of the continual revisions in the regulations that govern our industry. This can be quite a challenge easy since essential oils are regulated by a multiplicity of legislation, and the wide diversity of end products available within the aromatherapy industry fall under various regulatory regimes.

Over the years, the ATC has sought representation at all levels on statutory and non-statutory bodies where decisions are made, with a view to influencing the formulation of both UK and European legislation which could affect the consumer safety and the continued availability of quality aromatherapy products. Briefing sessions are arranged on matters of common interest and regular information updates are circulated to our members to ensure that they have early access to information, which could directly affect their businesses and the industry as a whole.

What the ATC stands for

  • Consumer safety through the safe usage of essential oils, by establishing co-ordinated policies within the trade, and by publishing guidelines for safety, labelling and packaging.
  • The responsible marketing of real aromatherapy products by specialist suppliers who share common concerns about the safety and quality of essential oils and aromatherapy products now available on the mass market.
  • Providing accurate up-to-date information and sound advice to members and the public.
  • Promoting consistent high standards of quality and safety in aromatherapy products to benefit consumer/public health.
  • Enshrining the obligations of ATC members in a Code of Practice and Memorandum & Articles of Association that are binding upon them.
  • Establishing good business practice through Rules & Byelaws that apply to all ATC members for promoting fairness and order in the treatment and recognition of members and in the conduct of fair relations.

Having established both a bond of unity amongst its members and its position as the UK authoritative body for the aromatherapy essential oil industry, the ATC is committed to establishing common standards of quality and safety in aromatherapy products and its future work will continue to address these issues.

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