Code Administrators

Aromatherapy Code AdministratorsDue to the swift results achieved by the Aromatherapy Trade Council during it’s first year, an approach was made in 1995 by the  Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for a meeting with the ATC to explore ways to help each other further, especially in relation to the retail sale of aromatherapy oils and restrictions on advertising.

Following this meeting, the ATC’s position was firmly established when it was appointed as the Advertising Code Administrators for the aromatherapy industry by the MHRA in August of that year.

This requires the ATC to monitor the marketplace and provide help, guidance and advice to manufacturers in our industry who may be unwittingly breaking the law. By helping companies reach compliance with the Medicines Act, it offers protection to our industry and means all companies are competing on a level playing field.

Representatives of the ATC attend the regular quarterly meetings between the MHRA and the Code Administrators for other industries to discuss borderline problems and issues of mutual interest.

It is vital for those aspiring to set up a successful aromatherapy business that their labelling and promotional material comply with the highly complex regulatory framework applicable to their specialist products. Failure to do so could damage marketing strategies and lead to unnecessary expense in reprinting labels and leaflets.

As Code Administrators working closely with the MHRA, the ATC is uniquely placed to offer advice on permitted wording for advertisements and safe labelling of products. It therefore offers an independent vetting and advice service that is available to members and non-members, based on an hourly rate, with preferential rates for members.

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