Colipa Changes Its Name

COLIPA changes its nameThe European Cosmetics Association, formerly named Colipa, will now be called ‘Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association’. The association has been representing European cosmetic companies and national associations for fifty years.

The name change comes at a time when the European cosmetics industry represents one-third of the global market, across the entire range of personal care products. In Europe this innovative industry employs a total of 1.7 million people either directly or indirectly, including about 17,000 scientists. “Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association” works with 18 multinational companies, 27 national associations and 4000 SMEs to ensure that the industry provides European consumers with safe, innovative and effective products.

The President of Cosmetics Europe, Fabio Franchina, said: “The European cosmetics industry is a fundamental driver of innovation. Our industry has responded effectively to new challenges in a globalised market. ‘Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association’ will continue to work with our member companies and associations to enable our industry to thrive and in order to maintain an effective dialogue with our stakeholders.”

Director-General of Cosmetics Europe, Bertil Heerink, said: “The European cosmetics industry is the flagship of the cosmetics industry worldwide. This year our trade association celebrates half a century of working together for our industry. The change of name to ‘Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association’ reflects the importance of this dynamic industry globally.”

The cosmetics and personal care industry provides a wide range of products to enhance hygiene, well-being and self esteem. For further information, visit the website:

Brussels, 23 January 2012