Let ATC Help You

Let the ATC help youThe life of an aromatherapy manufacturer becomes increasingly challenging with each passing year, with a plethora of regulation and directive changes coming from Brussels at an unprecedented rate. Well meaning, but inappropriate legislation from Europe often threatens to ruin the livelihoods of many companies working in our industry.

Keeping up with these changes – and more importantly understanding them – has become a major challenge for businesses. It can be particularly difficult for companies who do not have members of staff with the necessary experience to interpret the Cosmetics Regulations, the Transportation of Hazardous Goods Act, REACH Regulations, CHIP and COSSH regulations etc – and then apply it to an aromatherapy business.

How the ATC can help your business

Part of the support the ATC provides to its members consists of regular updates which explain, point by point, exactly what each piece of new legislation means and how it will impact their business. For those companies that encounter difficulties reaching compliance, we can offer free help and advice on how they can meet the requirements of the new legislation without putting their business at risk or falling foul of the law.

Members are also kept abreast of current developments in aromatherapy and changes in European and UK legislation through regular Newsletter and briefing sessions. The ATC publishes an up-to-date list of members for wide circulation to enable the public to check if their supplier is in membership.

Members have access to authoritative information and support from the ATC’s Secretariat, the Board Members, and the Technical Sub-Committee and benefit from the shared pool of experience of established experts and ATC members who have been involved with the regulation and legislation of the specialist trade for many years.

The ATC publishes Guidelines that are an invaluable source of information for those setting up a retail aromatherapy business. They are also an excellent reference source for training schools and colleges who are required to include such information in their training programmes. Copies of the Guidelines can be purchased directly from the ATC.

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